Develop Your Skills & Train for What’s Next

August 16 | 1-5 PM

In the fast-paced world of construction IT, you can never afford to stop learning. That’s why we’ve joined forces with industry innovators to offer two new bootcamps at this year’s IT Conference for Construction Professionals. With only 75 spots available per bootcamp, we strongly recommend you sign up early to guarantee your seat.

Bootcamp #1: Executive-Level BIM/VDC

What drives a successful BIM/VDC practice? Take a deep dive (while staying above the weeds) with Yates Construction’s Benjamin Crosby in this four-hour bootcamp.

In this bootcamp, we will cover how to:

  • Select a PM system
  • Ensure we make BIM count where it matters most
  • Work the details of VDC into your contracts
  • Take a look at where models come from (so you can stop creating orphan models)
  • Collaborate to get your models from A/Es and Trades

Presented by Benjamin Crosby, Director of BIM/VDC, W.G. Yates & Sons Construction

Bootcamp #2: License Agreements in Today’s Environment: Negotiating the Best Deal for Cloud and SaaS

Today’s Cloud and SaaS agreements are nothing like the perpetual on-prem licenses we had years ago. There are new terms, conditions and risks one should be aware of. Pricing is more complex, too. However, in this competitive landscape, there are opportunities to negotiate a balanced and equitable agreement with the vendors.

This in-depth workshop will review:

  • The elements of today’s cloud and SaaS agreements
  • Negotiating leverage you can use to strike a better deal
  • Negotiating techniques which help improve your chances of getting what you want and options for you when you can’t
  • Secondary agreements that are common when licensing software like professional services contracts

Presented by Christian Burger, President, Burger Consulting Group, and Angus Frost, Senior Consultant, Burger Consulting Group